Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ever not want to do anything???

I would have absolutely loved to pull the covers back up and snuggle in for a few more hours sleep this morning. I'm not really tired but it would have been so cozy and quiet. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I know that for several reasons I just couldn't do that. #1 reason is that there are too many other things to do. #2 reason is that I would feel worse afterward. It never fails... If I sleep too long or take an extra long nap I wake up feeling worse than I did. So I try and avoid that. :)

It wasn't a half bad morning. I have actually gotten some things done and GamerBoy (aka ChefKidlet) poked around in the kitchen and ended up making delicious cinnamon rolls! Yummy!!!

Princess Junior has a secondary insurance due to her medical conditions and the company that held the contract this year does not have the contract for next year so we had to choose another company. I managed to get it changed rather easily and fairly quickly. I called the number her case manager at the old insurance gave us. The woman I spoke to there was rather businesslike, asking tons of questions. All the usual stuff, name, SS#, address, phone, birth date... only to then tell me that I needed to call another number. Excuse me... wouldn't it have made more sense to ask me what I was calling for first??? It would have saved her and I about five minutes. I called the new number and after giving them her Name, SS# and a phone number "where I can be reached during the day" I was done. That was it. I should be getting a new insurance card and handbook in the mail and she is ready to go as of January first. I'm still a bit skeptical that it is actually done but hey, I made the call. As for which company to go with, it wasn't a hard choice. All the doctors and the local Children's Hospital seem to have some inside knowledge so we went with the company they are accepting. A no brainer there... What good is insurance if the docs and hospital won't take it? Now I'm waiting to hear back from the nursing agency so I can update them on the situation.

Last night Dak and I drove to the mall. It was a bittersweet trip and not due to the fact that I don't usually do malls. I've never really liked them and these days my back and knees really don't like them either. But we were just going to the parking lot so my knees weren't rebeling. :) It was the reason that we were going that was getting to me. We tend to use the mall parking lot as a meeting spot for our Craigslist dealings. Neutral ground, everyone can find it, etc. Well I had listed a Little Bear game that we had for Princess Junior that she can't play with. It was still in the shrink wrap. We were meeting a woman whose 4 year old is obsessed with the Little Bear character. Her daughter will now be getting the game for Christmas. It does make me feel good that she will enjoy it but at the same time I am confronted with the fact that my daughter is different and there are things like this that she can't do. We should be buying Barbies and bicycles and playing tea party (I made GamerBoy promise when she was just born to do that with her.) and instead I order medical supplies once a month and make sure medications are stocked and we make it to doctor's appointments. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE my daughter tremendously, just like she is. But I do wish things weren't so difficult for her. It's so hard to look in those eyes and know that there is something that she wants to say, she just doesn't know how. She is the absolutely ONLY reason I would want to be able to read someones mind.

Since today is Wednesday I'll be taking GamerBoy to play with the ponies this afternoon. It's actually equine therapy so it's good for him. If he'll let it be good for him. But he tends to want instant results and that ain't how it happens in the real world. The ponies (mini horses actually) are adorable and he really does good with them. He is even paying for the sessions himself. I'm proud of that kid. Today he may work with one of the regular horses, Charley. He's gonna have a Charley horse! LOL!!! I've been kidding him all week that he's "graduating" since he might move on to a bigger horse. I'd better watch out... He may chose my nursing home some day. :)

I started a new Crochet project last night. Like I really needed a new WIP. Several years ago I bought some roll around book cubbies from Office Depot. I have my yarn and books stored in/on them. They each have ab out 12 cubbie holes and are on really heavyduty wheels so easy to move around. I would love to have 2-3 more for yarn and another dozen of them to use around the house! So I went to the cubbies and picked some yarn colors I thought went well together and it ended up being colors that I wouldn't have normally picked and I really can't remember why I even bought them. I chose HL's "I Love This Yarn" in turquoise and seaspray ombre.

I'm just making a simple granny square throw, alternating colors each row, but I'm really liking how it's looking. And I really love how soft the yarn feels. Another throw for the building fund fundraising stash!

I also may have a commission piece to work on. A colleague of Dak's liked one of the throws on the PDF I sent out but the colors wouldn't work in her house. So we are in "negotiations" I guess you'd say. She wants it bigger (blanket sized) and in different colors. No problem. It will be fun to do.

The list of things to do isn't getting any shorter... horses, pharmacy, grocery store, bank, bills, and on and on... I'm outa here...

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