Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kitty slippers... and stuck trucks...

No, I've not gone nuts and started making slippers for the cats. But GamerBoy was in talking to me a little while ago and he had one of our two cats in his arms. The cat in question is the most patient/skittish cat I have ever seen. And that is a weird combination. He runs from us all. Angel can be sleeping on the back of the sofa and I go to pet him as I go by and he will run and hide. Now I have NEVER done anything to this cat to make him afraid of me. If it wasn't for me this cat wouldn't even be here (I got him as a Father's Day gift for Dak.) GamerBoy, on the other hand, has never been cruel to Angel but has carried Angel around like a dirty rag since we got him. And the cat puts up with it! He can drape Angel around his neck and walk around and the cat just stays there. GamerBoy had Angel laying on his back in his lap. Angel's position was semi-curled into a ball, fluffy tail in the air. While in that position GamerBoy was studying the cat's back feet. He asked me why there was so much hair sticking out (Angel is a fluffy cat!) between the footpads. I admitted I didn't really know, maybe to keep the pads warm. After about a minute of silence GamerBoy looks at me and matter-of-factly says "Kitty Slippers!"

Yes, they are "Kitty Slippers". That makes perfect sense to me! :)

One of our neighbors is a trucker so there is, on occasion, a huge 18 wheeler on the street or just the cab of the truck parked in the yard. The cab was a source of entertainment today for GamerBoy. The yards here are all slopped a bit some how. The yard in question slops up from the street and they had pulled the truck into the yard nose first. Well, even though you would think that all wheels of a vehicle would stay on the ground we have had rain lately and evidently the engine end was heavy enough to sink the front end into the water softened ground a bit. Just enough to make the back wheels, the real working end, NOT touch the ground. So when you step on the gas the wheels on the truck go round and round, round and round, round and round. But also go no where. :) We could hear the truck's engine revving and revving. GamerBoy was watching all this in amusement. He kept coming in to give us updates. Finally he said they called in reinforcements and used an SUV and chain to get the back end down enough to get the wheels on the ground.
Now the wheels on the truck go round and round and outa town! :)

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