Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm still here!

May 21st came and went. As far as I know everyone I know and love is still here on earth. I'm not making fun of anyone who was anticipating a trip home yesterday. 

just believe that none of us knows when we will be leaving this party. NONE of us. People have tried predicting it but no one has managed to nail it yet.

So what was I doing while this was un-unfolding? I was crocheting! This is what I started on the 20th and finished on the 21st.

I also finished one of the blankets I have been working on... Yes, this is just a corner. Go to the previous post to see the body of the blanket. This finished it up.

One last project. I finished a shawl I recently started.

Now I'm finishing a pink gingham design, working on the ruffly border. Pictures of that soon!

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