Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long time - no blog post. But I'm still here.

Yes, it's been a LONG time since I posted last.  Little things like life and FaceBook got in the way. I still have crochet books to give away but still haven't reached the following to do that. (Understandable as I haven't posted in a while.) But I definitely will be doing the giveaways in the future.

It's been eventful here since last post. We had a couple deaths in the family. Hubbs and I both lost our mothers last year. His in June and mine in August. While his mother's death was fairly expected (she had Alzheimer's and was in a nursing home and going downhill rapidly), mine was very unexpected. We are still trying to deal with those.

Then we had to deal with major back surgery for Princess Junior to start off the new year. She is now recovering and we hope the surgery makes a big and positive difference for her.

I am still up to my neck in yarn. Current projects are making a replica of a blanket I saw online that someone had made. There is no pattern and they are in Europe and I can't get the exact yarns used but I'm doing my best and will have something close when done. I am also working on a blanket make from squares that a friend designed and I tested. I will post when she releases the pattern for sale. I've also been working on some other squares for her as well that, hopefully, will end up as a sampler blanket. Below are a few pictures of things I've done recently.

A Frog hat I made for a friend's son.

A HUGE blanket. Hubbs and I went to a local B&B and I finished it there and used the queen-sized bed to take a picture of it.

And a tiny blankie that I made for Princess Junior a while back. We took it with us to the hospital when she had her surgery.

And I have just signed up for a online sock classToe Up Socks with Karen Whooley over at I have tried and tried to make socks and am hoping that this will be the successful attempt! Wish me luck!

I will try to touch base every now and then. Please be patient with me.

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