Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Someone stop that truck!!!!!

I'm still sick. Dak is still a bit under the weather but at least he is feeling a lot better than he was. I don't know what this is but it's sure got a firm grip on me. The one good thing is that the truck that keeps running me over is getting a bit smaller. Now it's about down to a UPS/FedEx truck. Fully loaded. At Christmas.

A couple days ago I was joking that I had "gone green" but I'm still green and this is after religously taking 9 doses of antibiotics. No wonder I gravitate to the Snot Put game at the bottom of my blog! No, it's not just some weird perversion... it's my life at the moment. (although I do tend to use my throat and not my nose.) Yesterday the coughing was so bad that I was feeling dizzy and light headed, like I was going to pass out, after each hacking episode. Not a fun feeling when you are in a room alone and you know that your husband is hours away from coming home from work and the nurse is only going to buzz if she needs something.

Thankfully, Gamer Boy is visiting Clay Hill Farm (Thanks, Terri!!!!) and he even cancelled his session working with the horses today so I wouldn't have to get out and he wouldn't chance getting them or this therapist sick. Chatty has already had this and Princess Junior is safe and secure in her room with her nurses. I'm definitely staying away from her. As I said, Dak is feeling better but he was on different antibiotics. (His was a three pills over three days and mine is two pills, twice a day for ten days.) What I am on I have taken DOZENS of times before over my lifetime. If it's not working for me anymore it's a sudden change.

So I have been working more on the three color spiral blanket. I measured it last night. Well.... I measured half of it. I just didn't have enough room on the bed to actually lay it all out
(Dak was sitting on the edge of the bed, working at his computer) and, after all, it's a circle with a definite center. So I figured if I measure to the center and double that number I'd get the total measurement, correct??? Well, so far it's over 60 inches across! I thought about stopping but I still have yarn left and I'd love for it to be big enough for Dak and I to cuddle under together. Because of the roundness it's going to be a BIG blanket!

I think I'm going to do the zebra and black yarn in a spiral too. But I'm still not sure of the others. Then there is the spiral for Gamer Boy. At least I have projects to keep me busy.

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