Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Cooooooold!

Something I didn't mention before... we have been having a temperature issue here at the palace. Our heat pump seems to be on vacation. Not a good thing for the realm when the temperature is in the 20's! Granted, it has warmed up a bit, at the moment it's 42, but that is still a bit on the cool side for all of us, not to mention way too cool for Princess Junior. It's like we traded in our upgraded insulation for classic medieval stone.

It's been this way since about Wednesday or Thursday. We noticed that the outside unit was making an odd noise. Dak did some internet research and we switched over to the emergency heat. We then set about trying to confirm if the home warranty was still in effect. We really didn't have any paperwork on it and weren't sure.

To make it even more fun we had another temperature issue. The refrigerator. Things weren't quite as cool (or frozen!) in there as they should have been. And it was possibly covered by the same home warranty. It took until this past Monday to get through to the right people only to find that neither was covered so we're on our own.

Dak called and arranged for someone to come out and take a look at both problem appliances. The Refrigerator is now fixed. $205 and change but that is much better than buying a new fridge! Especially since the one I'd like is $2,300!!! :)

Now we are waiting for the A/C people to get here. It's a rainy day, nearly 100% humidity called for all day, but when I spoke to them on the phone they said that they would still be here. Better them than me!

To warm up here I just finished a small blanket for Princess Junior. Here it is...

It's a nice, warm, soft and slightly fuzzy yarn. I still have a lot left over so I might make Princess Junior a "matching", but smaller, lap throw for when she is in her wheelchair. I didn't follow the pattern exactly. I just did a scalloped border instead of the one in the pattern as I didn't want it so lacy on the edges.

And then to warm ME up... Dak and I stopped by Wal-mart last evening and I happened to pass a clearance rack that really caught my eye. It was full of lightweight fleece night shirts. What sold me on them was that there was a bunch of purple ones and the print was CUPPYCAKES!!!!!!!!

I wore it last night and it was just fine. A lot of times I will change nightgowns in the middle of the night because I get too hot but this one really is just the right weight of fleece! And I LOVE cuppycakes!

And speaking of cuppycakes... I should have a picture of one I am crocheting soon. 0 calories!

Life is so fragile...

This request isn't for me.And it's not for Princess Junior either. But it is partially on her behalf.

One of Princess Junior's day nurses has been gone for a week. She is back today and I just found out why she had to leave. Her 34 year old son was murdered last Tuesday morning. He left behind a wife and daughter and two children from a previous marriage.

Things like this are so sobering. Talking to friends yesterday I told them of four children on the support groups we are on for Princess Junior that have passed away in the past three weeks. This morning there was another child added to that number. They range in age from a wonderful 18 year old to a beautiful full term baby who didn't survive birth.

Those always hit me hard. Please send good thoughts and prayers their way to help all these families through these rough times.

Thank you!

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