Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's warmin' up here!!! (at least inside)

We have HEAT! (I'm so glad you can't see me dancing!) The A/C guy was out and fixed the problem and he didn't even have to do it in the rain! When he got her I asked him what it would run to have a digital thermostat that we had bought several months ago installed. He said that if it was a "blah blah" type (I can't remember what he called it) he could just go ahead and do it while he was there and make it part of the service call. THANK YOU!!! It made the final bill a little less painful. :) But it was still way less than replacing the entire heat pump!

We had bought the thermostat thinking that it might help keep a better control of the temp and help out economically. Dak has it set now and has LOCKED it! Both Chatty and GamerBoy tended to play with the old one a bit, adjusting it to their perceived needs. :) That is now a thing of the past. Only Dak and I know how to unlock it to change a temp setting. evil grin Hehehehe... Eventually we will get it completely set up and programed.

What I like most about the new thermostat is that it has a vacation feature - you can set it and go on vacation. WOW! If I had known that all we needed to do was get a thermostat with a vacation mode and we could go on vacation I would have bought one AGES ago!

We aquired a yard guest yesterday. Chatty says that a puppy (that will grow up to be a BIG dog) followed her home. He (she?) has been on the front porch most of the time since then. It is a cute dog, chocolate brown and probably a retriever or a lab, but it's not our dog. We have told Chatty to ignore the dog but you know how that goes with a kid and a cute puppy.

Today was garbage day and during the night the dog decided to check to see if we had left any pizza behind in the box we threw away.
It also taste tested the remaining plants in my water garden on the porch and there are now plant strands and dirt clumps all over the porch. Granted they were dead plants but they were in the container and it wasn't a mess. I'm glad that was all the dog got into.

Chatty thinks she has an idea where the dog might have come from and went there to go check with them. Hopefully that is the right place. Evidently there is a house in the neighborhood that has a fenced in yard and the gate is open. Chatty tried to put the dog in the yard and latch the fence but the latch is broken. She has a dentist appointment later this afternoon so she will walk the dog down to the end of the street (about a mile) and then her dad will pick her up in the car and they will go to the appointment. Hopefully the dog will find it's way to it's own home.

GamerBoy has been very helpful the last few days. He installed a new, locking doorknob on our bedroom door. He knew we had gotten the doorknob set but hadn't had time to install it. Then this morning he went outside and cleaned out the dryer vent of some nesting materials that had been placed there by birds or small animals. It should make drying clothes a lot faster! We have a vent cage/cover that we'll be putting over the vent outlet but that I want Dak to do that since it involves putting holes in the house itself! But we really do appreciate that GamerBoy pitches in and does stuff like this. He is really maturing. A good kid!

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