Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To pink or not to pink...

In rebuttal to my friend, Terri's, recent comment on my apparently surprising color choice. I would like to prove that not everything I put my hooks to has pink in it.

Today, while Gamer Boy was working with the horses, I began work on the four-color spiral he requested. And there is no pink in site! See????

Now, Terri... you are getting very sleepy... your eyelids are getting very heavy...

New edging????

Last night I finished a small lap throw for Princess Junior to use in her wheelchair. Ok, it's not finished finished. I still have to block it. But the big part is done. And, yes, of course it's pink.

I just did a HDC solid granny rectangle but then put a 3 row secondary border adding a fur yarn followed by a 3 row border of the original yarn. I wanted something tighter for the final row so did a row of SC but still wasn't happy with it. So I slip stitched all around the edge. When I got back to the beginning I pulled it through to the other side and did it again, working the opposite direction.

I like the way it almost looks like a cord! It definitely tightens up the edge and I'm not sure yet if it is too tight but we'll see.

Now I'm back to working on the light pink and lavender five-sided throw. Not sure yet how big that will be. And I'll be starting Gamer Boy's four-color spiral soon too.

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