Sunday, May 24, 2009


It's quiet here. Oldest son arrived for a respite visit (he needs some space and time to think) early this morning and he took Chatty with him to work tonight. Gamer Boy took Dak with him this evening to do some practicing behind the wheel. He now has his permit and is just waiting to get the driving portion of driving school finished. Until then he is practicing with us. I went with him last night and it was driving in the dark, tonight with Dak was semi-rain. It was raining when they were getting ready to head out but by the time they got on the road it was just dealing with wet roads. Dak says he did well. He did well last night too.

On Friday we took Princess Junior to her physiatrist for her Botox injections. (More on that with pictures here.) We are dealing with some minor fevers now but, from what we have read, that isn't connected to the Botox.

I've got a couple new projects going. Just what I need, right??? The first is a circle centered granny square. I'm making it for Princess Junior so am just adding more and more squares as I need to
, joining as I go. I'm using a pale pink for the centers with a light gray border. I'm calling it her polka dot blanket.

Then I saw one of the start blankets in bright pink and red and white. I was hooked there. I'm not using a white white but stuck with the red and pink. The pattern is from
here. I made the sections larger than they were in her pic but I don't like it and I'm going to frog a bit of it and go to her color pattern as I think it shows off the colors better. But this gives you and idea.

So off I go to frog...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day everyone.

Hope all the mother's out there have a great Mother's Day! Enjoy your families!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finished! No longer WIPs... YEA!

I finished the spiral granny. Here it is. I did a couple rows of black half double, row of half double light pink, row of alternating 3/3 half double light pink and dark pink, then a couple more rows of black. Now this is folded in four. There are five squares down and four across. so it's a decent size for one person.

Then this is the blanket I made with the left over yarn. A five sided blanket just big enough for Princess Junior. Again, in half double. With a 4 row wide black border and a final row of scallops.

It's her birthday today so we gave it to her this morning! You can go to her blog to see more about her birthday.

I'm still working on the circle for Gamer Boy but have also started an elongated granny from a pattern from Minisoda at Crochetville. That is in a red, black and light gray. I'm really liking the color combo!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spiral Grannies continued

Ok, I've changed the goal on this one several times. I never wanted to make a big blanket. More something to throw over Princess Junior or over my legs. I had twelve squares done but didn't like it. It wasn't big enough so I made more. I ended up with twenty squares and I like it better now. And I had all of the original twelve connected and then realized that I didn't have them all oriented in the same direction, like I wanted to. Sigh... So I ended up with lots of little bobbles of yarn rolling around on the bed as I took all of them apart and put them back together again. This time I paid attention!

As I mentioned I was going to do, I used Drew Emborsky's "Dudessembly" to put them together. I had to alter things a bit because the squares weren't the same size as what he wrote for but I couldn't have done it without his helpful instructions.

The twenty squares (5x4) are done and together and now I am working on the border. I do see something that I probably would have done differently but I was not about to take the darn thing apart again! I think it will look ok anyway. And it will be a bit bigger because of the border too.

Here is what the squares look like connected. I'll post the finished piece once I get it done and all the ends dealt with.

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