Sunday, December 14, 2008

203 chains is LONG...

I made a scarf last night. I made part of another (ran out of the color I was using so have to get more) and am currently on a third scarf, same pattern. One thing I have noticed it that 203 chains seems awfully long when you are going back and forth. I'm just glad that I'm not working on an afghan!

That reminds me of an afghan I made once. It's in a big plastic storage box in my closet. It's beautiful and I loved how it came out. It's rainbow colors done with 4 strands at a time, dropping from solids to blends of yarns. The biggest (cough, cough) problem is that it is absolutely gigantanormously HUGE! I swear I followed the directions. At first I thought that I would put it away for when we had a king sized bed. We have one now but I'm pretty sure that we need to add at least a full sized bed next to it to make this not cover half the floor! Now can you see why I like small throws?

And guess what!?!?! We went by the Murphy station on the way home tonight. Gas is now $1.36.9!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

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