Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm a blog virgin no more...

Ok... This is all Terri's fault. And she calls herself a friend...

I guess I have blogged before but it was a rare post on a blog my husband set up regarding our youngest daughter. I don't count that. This one is MINE...

What will I write about... Hmmm... That's a good question. Most definitely my yarn addiction and my daughter, Princess Junior, will be subjects. And I expect that the rest of the kidlets (GamerBoy, Chatty, Skellyson, Firstborn and her husband) and my wonderful hubby, Dak, as well as other family and friends will pop up from time to time. And I'll probably pass on cool things that I find floating around around in cyberspace. Aft
er all, word of mouth advertising is what I tend to trust the most.

I can tell you a couple things that I will stay away from. Politics and religion. Both are things that I think are personal. I take the stance that you are entitled to your own beliefs and opinions, and I mine. So I won't blather on about things here. Besides, I find that yarn is a much, much warmer subject.

So here we go......................................

Dak and I have been married since 2000. Makes it easy to remember how many years, doesn't it? Now if I can just remember what the date was.

We have a blended family. GamerBoy is mine, Chatty, Skellyson and Firstborn are his and Princess Junior is ours. GamerBoy, Chatty and Princess Junior live with us. Skellyson and Firstborn have been on their own for a while. Firstborn just got married a few weeks ago. Aren't they cute?

We have a nice house on just over half an acre. Dak would like more trees and, to be honest, I would too. We've got a couple in the front yard that are trying to grow but it will be quite a while before they offer shade for anything more than a bird. We have been trying to grow another in the backyard but it just doesn't want to grow.

I've been crocheting for ages... my grandmother taught me when I was about 8 I guess. I a
m addicted to yarn and especially love variegated colors. I tend to gravitate toward pinks and purples, pastels and brights, and also like the black, white and red combo. Odd selection, no? I don't do (unless I have to) greens or browns, and I never (unless it is absolutely, under no circumstances can I get out of it, necessary) do orange. I didn't like orange before I moved to Tennessee in '85 and I hate it even more now.

I love making blankets and throws. Since you can only use so many of those I have a small stock of them. I also have built up a small stash of scarves. Both the blankets and the scarves are being sold to raise money towards a much needed building project for our daughter. Our youngest, Princess Junior, was born with a rare chromosome disorder and requires around the clock nursing due to multiple medical conditions. She does have her own room but it has gotten smaller and smaller as her equipment needs have expanded and as she grows. We are working on funding a room addition to the house so that we can give her the master bedroom and small retreat space that we are currently in. This would make it much, much easier for her nurses to care for her and give Princess Junior more space where we could work with her for therapies and education. I'll put up a separate post of what I have available. Anything earned from these will go in the Princess Junior building fund.

Current WIPs are a couple blankets that I am just finishing up. Weaving tails, adding borders, etc. They will probably end up on the building fund page. I also am finishing up a sweater that I originally started for Princess Junior but she can't wear it now due to her tracheotomy. I'll post that to so some little girl can enjoy it.

We've been clearing out things around here. Last weekend we cleaned out the utility room. Who needs 4 picnic baskets?!? I've recently listed things on Craigslist and we have also have made several substantial donations to Goodwill. And there is more to come. Yarn, however, gets passed on to a friend who shares it with a group that she crochets with. I know they have, in the past, made hats (and scarves?) for a Christmas shop for underprivileged children to "shop" at. I'd say the yarn finds it's needed home!


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  1. Hello, my friend! :) Come on in, the water's fine! Now, where's the sales page?



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