Thursday, December 4, 2008

Changing a WIP...

Ok... I can't leave well enough alone. I'm going to frog the throw I just started and use the yarn for another throw. I can't help it! I found a really neat pattern I wasn't to use that is made for a solid and a variegated so I have to do it! I really, really HAVE to! wink,wink

I got a call earlier today telling me that we have a new nurse coming tomorrow to orient on Princess Junior's case. From what I have been told she is probably going to be doing the night shift so between the night nurse we now have that should cover most of the night shit hours! YEA!!! We do still have a 3 hour gap on some nights (We do 12 hour shifts and our current night nurse can only
do 9 hour shifts at the moment per docs orders) but they are working on getting those filled too. Two of our day nurses are pulling the extra hours to help cover those gaps. Right now I'm thrilled (and somewhat amazed) that we have Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day covered! They are still working on staffing Christmas Day.

Speaking of Christmas... last night Dak told me that Princess Junior has been asked to be in a children's nativity! We don't know in what capacity yet. She's quiet enough but too big to pull off the baby role (and that would be
a reprisal for her anyway, she's already done that part) but she is definitely an angel so that is a possibility. grin I think it's for a special Christmas service the Sunday evening before Christmas. The church has a special needs children ministry so they are well equiped to handle things.

Maybe, just maybe, we'll get things organized and put up
a Christmas tree this year. Believe it or not we have a small tree that we keep up all year long. I even added an ornament to it a couple months ago. So we haven't put the "big tree" up for the past few years. Last year Princess Junior was in the hospital until two days before Christmas so we were just grateful to be home! But I will be going through the decorations and culling out the things that are just sitting there because I think I'm going to use them some year, no, some decade. We haven't put outside lights up in ages so why hold on to them. And I have some other lighted decorations that have never even been out of the boxes! Someone else can use them. Watch out Craigslist!

I mentioned yesterday that GamerBoy was going to play with the ponies. Well, he did. And, with his permission (I have to get that now that he's legal!), I took some pictures.

I think he worked well with Charley. I know Charley had to have more patience than GamerBoy did. But he's catching on.

Hopefully tonight will be a movie night for Dak and I. We were suppoosed to watch Wall-E last night but that didn't work out so I hope we get to tonight. We rented this one from RedBox but tomorrow I also need to drop some DVDs in the mail back to Netflix. We won't get new ones if we don't!

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