Monday, February 2, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!

YES!!! I feel a hot cocoa and movie night coming on!!!!!!

This is what's coming down outside my house. It didn't look like this when Dak and Chatty left this morning about 10 am.

This is what the yard looks like now. Med supplies arrive today so there will soon be footprints and handcart wheel tracks leading up to the ramp.

About one and a half to two inches and still coming down. You can see the flakes coming down in the picture. County schools closed early today and I'd really be surprised, no, shocked, if they didn't close them for tomorrow. Almost all of the surrounding counties already have called off school for tomorrow. There was even a bus accident this morning, one slid off the road. (No injuries but buses are the main reason they close the schools around here.)

I'm glad Princess Junior doesn't have any appointments this week but I do have to go out later... have to pick up a couple prescriptions. But I'm going to wait until Dak gets home to run out for it. Might need to get some milk for that hot cocoa too!
And gotta hit the Redbox for the free Monday movie.

What??? You don't know about Redbox's free movies on Monday??? Check out and sign up to get the latest news and promo codes for FREE movies! How cool is that!

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