Monday, February 9, 2009

Now the hard part begins...

I just got notices that the wool I had spun and the cotton yarn I had dyed are both going to be arriving soon. Now I am perusing my books and patterns to decide what to make out of them. MAJOR decision. They both are beautiful but the wool turned out more stripy than I imagined it would. It wasn't anything the spinner did, I just didn't take into consideration that the white would be against all three other colors. Duh!!!! :) Since the stripy yarn is merino I might make something I can felt.

The wool went from this...

To this (with white wool added as one ply)...

And this is the hand painted cotton...

And this is what I started last night...

I'm not sure how big it will end up. It's starting out to be a blanket for Dak and I or, if I get dizzy, it will turn into one for Princess Junior. :)

Gamer Boy has been working overtime to get through his driver's training class. He has been doing almost nothing but studying and taking notes. He could finish his class work within the next one or two weeks! Then comes the permit. ACK!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for visiting my site and entering my contest. Those yarns are beautiful. I plan to read some of your blog after I watch Jon and Kate plus8!


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