Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hopping in with TWO (maybe) finished projects! YEA!!!!!

Meet Hoppy. I whipped her up last night to give myself a break from the pink and purple five-sided throw I was working on. She is about 5 inches tall and I stuffed her pretty full. Gamer Boy took her in to the Princess and she seems to enjoy looking at her.

Then I went back to working on the five-sided throw. And guess what? I FINISHED IT! Well, maybe. Here it is!

It is about 48" across at the widest points. Starting at the center I alternated between doing 3 rows of each color and two rows of each color. Then I alternated doing the center row of every other three row set with spaces. For the edge I just went to doing a few repetitions of single rows, alternating colors. I have been debating doing something else around the edge but I haven't figured out what yet. Any suggestions?????

And now that the blanket is pretty much done... you
know how bunnies multiply....


  1. Cute bunny, and the blanket is gorgeous!

  2. What a whimsical bunny and a very intricate throw. What lovely work you do.

    Thanks for visiting -hope you find some small Easter cookie cutters!!


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