Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spiral Grannies continued

Ok, I've changed the goal on this one several times. I never wanted to make a big blanket. More something to throw over Princess Junior or over my legs. I had twelve squares done but didn't like it. It wasn't big enough so I made more. I ended up with twenty squares and I like it better now. And I had all of the original twelve connected and then realized that I didn't have them all oriented in the same direction, like I wanted to. Sigh... So I ended up with lots of little bobbles of yarn rolling around on the bed as I took all of them apart and put them back together again. This time I paid attention!

As I mentioned I was going to do, I used Drew Emborsky's "Dudessembly" to put them together. I had to alter things a bit because the squares weren't the same size as what he wrote for but I couldn't have done it without his helpful instructions.

The twenty squares (5x4) are done and together and now I am working on the border. I do see something that I probably would have done differently but I was not about to take the darn thing apart again! I think it will look ok anyway. And it will be a bit bigger because of the border too.

Here is what the squares look like connected. I'll post the finished piece once I get it done and all the ends dealt with.

1 comment:

  1. I think it looks a little psychadelic! Oh, and I'm so surprised that you made it pink!!! :)


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