Monday, August 10, 2009

Linking Rings and Barfing Clowns, and Shaded Squares... And ROCK ON!!!!

I have been remiss in my postings. I apologize to anyone I have disappointed.

We have been dealing with some issues with several family members and it has taken quite a bit of time and attention. but programs have been completed and a cross town move (MIL - not us!) made and I think we are doing somewhat ok at the moment. Still some stress (always will be) but it is now at a lower level. Hopefully it will continue to head downward.

I have been working on a few projects. One is in the finishing stages. I saw one that someone else had done and used it for inspiration. (My squares don't have as many rounds) I'm working on the border now and then will weave in the ends. LOTS of ends. :( This is the blanket. It is done with two strands to achieve the blending effect.

It is three rows of four squares. I alternated, starting some squares with the light color and some with the dark. I used black to set it off (I love how black really makes bright colors pop out at you!) and am doing a solid black border around it. I will probably do a second row and a scallop row to finish it off. It is definitely a winter throw because of the double stranding. I have some left over yarn in those colors so am making a smaller throw only not double stranded so it won't have the blending and the squares will only be 4 rounds. I'm going to do a solid join so there will be no holes in it.

I'll take pictures of other projects soon.

I also wanted to alert you to a REALLY cool colorway for yarn at an Etsy shop I found. I HAVE to have this yarn and plan to acquire some asap. It is from Astrid at Damselflyyarns.


Astrid, you could NOT have named it any better!!! Be sure and check out her other yarns! She has a really nice chocolate mint sock yarn and does 7 different kinds of yarns.

Another couple Etsy shops I have run across have some really cool stuff too. JustBeHappy is run by Alessandra and she has some really whimsical button necklaces. I got the multicolored one. :)

And I'm in the process of making her Love You Forever wreath. Drop by for a visit. I also have business card holder that she made. The PINK one! :)

And then there is FebystanDesigns, which is a family endeavor. Ebru does amazing thread work and made a gorgeous pair of earrings I am anxiously awaiting to arrive. Check out the shop and see what beautiful work is there!

Aren't they beautiful?!?!?! I have nothing but awe and respect for people who can do this work.

And lastly... Look what Dak just got. I surprised him with this last week and he is a very happy camper. Just don't tell Chatty that it's Vampire Red Satin! :)

I threw in a small amp and a case. :) And HEADPHONES! :)

I have an odd habit of throwing quarters and singles in jars. See what you can do when you save your quarters??? :)


  1. Dear Yarn Princess, thank you so much for your wonderful feature! Hope Double Moon earrings will arrive at you a.s.a.p. I will be waiting to see your blanket when it's finished.

  2. I, too, love the bright colors with black. Love those ear rings too!


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