Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Latest WIP finished!

Here it is...

Here is the detail of the stripes...

I edged it with one row of sc and one of hdc. I almost feel like I need to do another solid afghan with buttons to go through the holes! :) It's an adaptation of an afghan I found in an old book. 

Speaking of books. Dak helped me enter in quite a few crochet books into a really cool database we have. It's called Collectorz Books. (We also have Collectorz Movies for our DVD/Video collection.) They even use barcode readers to enter the information. Check them out here  Collectorz if you want to keep track of your movies, books, music, comics, or games! They even have mobile apps that work in conjunction with the main programs. I now have all my movies and books on my android phone so won't have to guess if I have something or not. 

While dealing with the books, leaflets and magazines, I found, not surprisingly, that I had some duplicates. 20+ duplicates!!!  Books like Visual Quick Tips Crochet by Cecily Keim and Kim Werker, Stitch Collection Textured Crochet by Helen Jordan, Super Finishing Techniques for Crocheters by Betty Barnden, The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet  by Margaret Hubert, and Lily Chin's Mosaic Magic by, who else, Lily Chin! I even have a duplicate of Kim Werker's Crocheted Gifts

So... what to do with the extras. After some thinking I have come up with a plan. And I need some help with it.

 I am going to give them away! 

Not all at once, one at a time. :)  So tell your crocheting friends to follow this blog. To be eligible you need to be a follower and need to post a comment to this post. To offer a new home to the first book - tell me what your favorite thing to crochet is and why.

I'd like a minimum of 25 commenters for each book drawing. I will put all names in a hat and all book titles in another hat and draw both together to see what book is going to what new home. Deadline is June 29th or when we reach 25 commenters, whichever is later..


  1. Thank you for doing this it is very generous of you.

  2. I also found a couple of duplicates in my my collection of crochet books. LOL. I like to make small projects, dishcloths, potholders, toys, etc. but I have so many patterns that I will never be able to make everything if I live to be 100.

  3. You are very generous to do this giveaway. My favourite thing to crochet is toys for my 4 year old son.

  4. My favorite thing to make crochet wise?.. Blankets!!

  5. at this time it's blankets..or it is totes? lol

    I am making baby blankets for all the new babies at church. But there is this stash buster tote I keep making inbetween..or interupting is more like it!


  6. I would love to give one of your books a new home. Since I am just beginning, the only book I have right now is The Crochet Stitch Bible

  7. This is so nice of you. I like to make amis and baby items. I have 2 boys (one is 5 and one is 6 months), so I try to make things for them.

  8. This is wonderful and so generous of you.Crochet is my passion,I love it.My favorite is hats for my little girl but also love garlands,bags,little motifs,hearts,cupcakes,you name it =o).

  9. Very nice giveaway - would love to win any of the above books! I've got you on my yahoo thingy now!

  10. Oh Im so pleased I found your blog! so much stuff in one place! love it thank you

  11. I'm a follower now, although that was a different experience. I went through Google Reader. I added you to my blogroll as well. I'd love to win any those books you are offering, except for The Complete Guide To Crochet...I already have that lovely book. :o) Thanks much!

  12. Finally found the post you've been talking about. Sounds like a great giveaway. I do alot of different things in crochet, but I think my current fast favorite is to crochet little chapstick holders for all my horse riding friends. I found a pattern that works well when attached to a small carabiner that attaches to the saddle. My friends love it because it's easy to keep close and they don't keep loosing their chapstick.


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