Thursday, December 11, 2008

And gas prices continue to drop...

This continues to be a great source of entertainment and amazement for me. :) Yesterday when I took GamerBoy to work with the horses we saw that gas had dropped to $1.45.9. Then last night when Dak and I went to the special needs support group it was - are you ready for this??? $1.41.9!!!!!

There is a convenience store in the area that closed several years ago and has not weathered time well due to vandalism. I think it was closed back when places were required to change out the underground gas tanks. Many places had to either go out of business or stop selling gas because the cost of replacing the tanks was too high. This station/convenience store still has the price of gas on their sign that it was when they closed. Regular unleaded was selling for $1.31.9 there. In some odd way I find that ironic today.

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