Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How much are you paying for gas now???

I was amazed when gasoline went to over $4 a gallon. But I'm even more amazed that it has dropped like it has. I was thrilled when it dropped back to $3 and more so when it dropped to $2! But now I laugh like a mad woman when I drive by the gas station and see the sign. There have been times when the price has dropped three times in ONE day! I figured that it would plateau around $2 gallon. Then it got to $1.75.9. Maybe that was where it would stop. It got down to $1.70.9, $1.65.9, $1.60.9... We watched in amazement when it got down to $1.50.9.

We had to take Princess Junior to the pediatrician this morning. Driving by the stations on the road we live off of we saw that gas is now $1.45.9. Whooo hooo!! :)

What kind of discount programs do you have in your area. We have Kroger and Food City grocery stores here and both offer discounts of $.10 a gallon on a fill-up every time you spend $100 in groceries or (in the case of Kroger) fill 2 prescriptions. The Kroger station is usually a few cents higher than the lowest price in the area but with the $.10 discount we still get it cheaper than the lowest station.

GamerBoy's Godfamily lives in Pennsylvania and they have a program up there where your discounts are all combined. I'm not sure of the exact "rules" but it's something like this - you spend $50 and get a $.10 discount. You spend another $50 you get another $.10 discount. So if you spend the required amount twice you will save $.20 a gallon, if you spend the required amount 6 times before getting gas you will save $.60 a gallon on your purchase. If I understoood correctly you can add up the discounts so that you can actually get your gas for free! I sure wish Kroger would start this. With all the prescriptions we get there we could really save on gas!


  1. It's $1.37 just down the road from us, so maybe we cold have a do-over and try to get together this weekend and you could get some cheap gas, too! :)


  2. Love the $1.37 gas in the Knoxville area! Hurray


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