Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dinner at Chez Suzette...

Last night Dak and I went to the home of another family in the special needs parent's support group we go to. It was actually the Christmas get together for the group. We had planned to take Princess Junior too but she had some oxygen issues the night before and it had been windy and snowing earlier in the day so we decided to not take her out in the weather.

My first impression when we walked in the house was WHOA! They had obviously cleared out their living room and had three tables set up with table settings that looked like we were some place with valet parking and a hat check girl. Well, there WAS one of her friends at the door who took our coats when we arrived. Does that count? The room was absolutely gorgeous. We drew from a bowl of little pieces of paper to find out where we would sit. We did have to draw twice because the first draw was a table down stairs. (I forgot to mention that there were two more similar tables downstairs!) My knees wouldn't have made it (Donn confirmed that after his trip down to look around) so we drew again for an upstairs table. I can't remember exactly want the table was called but it had the word red in it and it was RED! It was a table for 4, with a red tablecloth, a red glass hurricane like lamp in the center with a glowing candle inside. There were chargers under the dinner plates. Cloth napkins in silver Christmas tree napkin rings. Beautiful red glass goblets. The silverware was tucked into little red velvet Christmas stockings along with a Christmas prayer and a piece of chocolate (which we were told we could take with us, sans silverware.) We were even seated right next to the burning fireplace. I can't remember how long it's been since I had a meal at a table set like that but it's been a looonngggg time, I'm sure of that. (And I think this table blew that one out of the water! I know that one didn't have CHOCOLATE!)

Everyone brought food to share (I made a cherry cheesecake. Then I made two more this morning.) so there was plenty! And it was great. There was also a white elephant gift exchange. I drew #1 so I didn't have the opportunity at first to trade gifts, that came later. The present I opened was in a very cute snowman bag. It was a Candle set, a small jar candle with a ceramic shade and a matching plate to set it on. And a small Christmas figurine of snowmen, I believe. Then I just watched as everyone else opened and traded or threatened to trade. I had my eye on a couple things. One of the gifts we brought was a wooden framed egg timer. To our surprise it was the first thing stolen! And Lisa cheekily threatened anyone even looking at it enviously, clearly sending the message to not even think about trying to take it from her. At the end of the exchange it came back to me, giving me the opportunity to trade my gift for any of the others. As I mentioned, I had my eye on a few things. A nativity set had been unwrapped towards the end but sitting next to me, another Lisa had her gift "stolen" so she had to open another. Her second gift was an Eggstractor. A nifty little gadget that unpeels hard boiled eggs. That was tempting! In the end I told Lisa that I really love hard boiled eggs and egg salad so I was going to take her Eggstractor! I was very happy with what I ended up with. What did Dak end up with? Bubble bath and bath salts.

So many, many thanks to Suzette and the elves that helped her make this a special night for all in attendance. Your giving of yourself and willingness to share your lovely home was a wonderful and humbling gift and will be long remembered.

Yesterday was also Chatty's 17th birthday. The two oldest (Firstborn and Skellyson) picked her up Friday evening and took her out to dinner and then took her to her mom's. She'll come home tonight.

On a sad note... We were going to go to see friends this afternoon. I was looking forward to giving her her Christmas present. It's just killing me that I have it here. But she isn't feeling well and I totally understand her not feeling up to company.

Anyone want a piece of cheesecake?????

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