Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's always something...

Things have been hectic here... I've been trying to keep up reading blogs but I know I've let some slide by. And I haven't posted here.

Life here has a way of doing that. And it seems like everything happens at once. One day we had two different docs call and offer us cancellation appointments at the exact same time. We couldn't take advantage of either one because of an already scheduled appointment! We had to cancel an appointment on Tuesday because of the weather and it had already been rescheduled once! Now she doesn't go back there until late February. :(

Princess Junior's appointment for Botox was tomorrow at 2 pm. It was scheduled wrong and had to be moved to 10:45 am. Because of the change (we can't miss this one! This one is really important for her.) we had to cancel an appointment scheduled for 10 am for Dak and I, and Dak will not get to go, having to take Chatty to another appointment at 11 am instead.

We had a insurnace issue earlier this week and were panicing because it mean that Princess Junior, the one person in the house who really HAS to ha
ve a doc on call, didn't have a pediatrician. I think it's been sorted out now. We're just waiting for the "official" phone call.

And we are having a nursing shortage. Still trying to cover the 7p to 10p gap but a nurse that doesn't live far from us is picking up most of those. A regular day nurse had an out-of-state family emergency and won't be here for a few days. So far they have covered one day, a new nurse is orienting in Princess Junior's room as I type and will pick up tomorrow (Sure... start her off on a day with a road trip!) but they are still looking to cover Sarurday and Sunday day shifts.

Meanwhile we are still dealing with other family menbers and issues. How fun. :)

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