Thursday, March 12, 2009

Great Days in History... coming up March 17th

YEA!!!! There's a Blog-iversary coming up!!! No... not this blog by a long shot. :)

Mikki, at Firelein Tomfoolery, is celebrating her "blog-iversary" which is actually on March 17th but that isn't really want she is celebrating. She is celebrating the many friends she has made as a result of that blog.

And she is putting together a special box of goodies for one special person and a couple things for some "runners-up" too! Deadline for entries is 6 am, March 17th.

Blogs are a really neat way to "meet" people. As I commented on her blog, it really points out how small this world really is because you find you have things in common with many, many people!

So go over and say hi. Help Mikki celebrate by celebrating Mikki, another AWESOME person!

1 comment:

  1. Aw!! What a great plug!! Thanks for posting about my giveaway. And thanks for stopping by and entering. Good luck on Tuesday!!!


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