Monday, March 16, 2009

Terri's got a brand new BAG!!!

Ok... My friend (and I'm using that term loosely at the moment) Terri, at Clay Hill Farm, can sew. And even though she always says there are wonky stitches, etc. she's pretty darn good at it. After all... If it's handmade it's bound to have a bit of wonky somewhere. If it doesn't I'm a bit suspicious! Heck, I'm a whole lot suspicious!

Anyway, Terri has been on a sewing binge (I hate/love her for it!) and has created a new tote bag. She is calling it The Farmer's Market Tote. And it's awesome! Take a look at the pictures I stole from her blog.

And guess what!?! She is giving it away! Check out the Clay Hill Farm blog and enter to win this beautifully hand crafted Farmer's Market tote. She is being very generous with entries and will be taking them until April first.

Now... off to do some were-skunk research...

1 comment:

  1. You are funny, woman!!! I will try the Buttercup bag on my next long weekend, I promise. But I won't use good fabric on the first one!


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