Saturday, March 21, 2009

What next!!! Extreme cuppy cakes!!!

I love cuppy cakes! If I could, I would have different flavors here every day. Perfect size, no waste (but plenty of waist, if you know what I mean). So because of that I reserve them for special occasions.

For those of my friends that are also cuppy cake lovers... Take a look at
THIS... Unbelievable!

For the men folk (those that are too macho for cuppy cakes) there is



  1. I LOVE that you call them cuppy cakes too! I don't know if you do it for the same reason I do. Maybe. I loved Sesame Street growing up. Ernie and Burt were favorites, of course, and there was a skit with chocolate cupcakes and Ernie calls them cuppy cakes. So, ya. Stuck with me all these years.

  2. By the way, your little girl is so beautiful! I just love the pictures you have of her. :)

  3. Thank you. Heidi. We really have grown attached to her. :))) Can't imagine being without her. :)

    And I'm not really sure why I call them cuppycakes. But I DO remember the Sesame Street references. Maybe it's that and I just don't realize it. But cuppycakes is what they will always be!

  4. That is wild about the flavored floss! I love cuppy cakes too!

  5. I love the flavored floss idea - thanks for the link!

  6. OK, I clicked on the link finally. That is the most bestest store in whole world! I could drop some serious money there. I know, I'm 12. HA HA! ;))

  7. LOL... I could do some serious damage there too. But that is in my list of places like the Neiman Marcus catalog. Look but don't touch. :)


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