Friday, April 24, 2009

I've got BUDS!!

My thumbs are defintely NOT green. They never have been. Oh, I've been lucky a few times. I once had a Christmas Cactus that I basically ignored and at one point it had over 65 blooms on it! I guess I put it in the right window.

Last year I threw some bulbs I had in some pots. They were probably not the current year's crop of bulbs and I really didn't think anything would happen. But they grew!

Now I know that there are somethings you are supposed to do to bulb plants at the end of the growing season... cut them back, dig them up, seperate them, maybe even all of the above. But when I put them in the ground that is usually where they stay. So much to my surprise there were new green shoots popping up a couple weeks ago. And now those green shoots are starting to show signs of blue flowers!! I'm gonna have FLOWERS!!!

See the color starting to make it's way out. I love irises!!!!

Some day I'd like to have more and in more colors too! Pink would be nice.

I'm still working on Gamer Boy's spiral. I have been alternating between the spiral grannys and his spiral. Both are pretty big projects. But I am enjoying it. I saw a small afghan pattern in a really cool stitch that I liked in a new magazine but I don't like the border they used because it is too open for my taste. I might try and figure out another way to edge it but that will have to wait.

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