Saturday, May 1, 2010

Getting the new Wheelchair... NOT!

Yesterday was supposed to be the big day... and we were ready!!!  But it wasn't to be... 

This is what R rolled in when we went to get Princess Junior's new chair. 

 I thought it was a bad practical joke. I told R "No, that isn't what I ordered." but the tag has her name on it! Anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT like orange. And this was pretty close to UT orange so that made it worse. R checked the paperwork and... sure enough, it was supposed to be Pearl Pink. He called the supplier and they were all apologies and expedited arrangements have been made to replace the colored parts of the frame. Now R will have to take this one apart and rebuild it when the other parts get here. We are looking at about 2 weeks. So we canceled her seating clinic appointment on Monday and that is now rescheduled to AUGUST!

On a happier note... R was able to find another loaner that works better than the stroller we were given so we returned the wheelchair they loaned us and gave them the stroller to use as a loaner for other kids in need.

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