Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm still here...

Wow... has it really been that long since I wrote last? I am both amazed and embarrassed. I will try and do better from now on. 

Honestly, there has been plenty to write about. The problem wasn't that, there have been plenty of things that happened that I could have written about. It was more thinking about doing it at the wrong time. When the computer was shutting down, when I wasn't home, middle of the night. That sort of thing. 

Some happenings in the family have been that several kidlets are hitting the road and moving. First-born and her hubbs are moving to the Pacific Northwest. She has a job lined up that starts later next month and he is up there looking now. They will officially be moving in a couple weeks. Because of their move Skellyson has to move as well because he was staying with them and they aren't going to take him with them. From what he tells us, he will be moving in with a friend. Then Chatty is planning a move next week, just a few hours away but in a different state. This will be a permanent move for her so we hope her wings are dry enough and she is able to fly on her own. 

That means we are (or soon will be) left with Gamer Boy and Princess Junior at home. There have been a few big happenings with them as well.

Gamer Boy started college in August! He is still a little undecided on a major but is now in his second semester and doing well. He surprised himself and managed a B average in his first semester! He also bought himself a car. Well, actually this is his second car. He bought a Subaru Outback (used) and even though it checked out with two separate mechanics (one at the car lot, the other the one we take all our cars to) who both came back with the same report, it died about 3-4 weeks after he bought it. Put it this way... There was a MAJOR problem that it looks like the previous owner tried to cover up with a temporary fix. And that fix blew on Gamer Boy. Right before Christmas we did a bit of car shopping and he found a 2009 Hyundai Sonata at a dealership and it still had a good bit of the factory warranty left on it. I think he did well.

I've been doing a lot of crocheting. I've dome some pattern testings of squares, scarves, blankets. And I've made a couple pairs of fingerless gloves for Gamer Boy and one for Dak. Actually they aren't fingerless - they are more like half-finger gloves.

And I have made hats. LOTS of hats... I don't know why except that they are small and can be take-along projects. I don't go anywhere without my yarn! (And if I do I am VERY uncomfortable.) Here are some pictures but I can't put them in chronological order correctly so I won't even try.

There was this...

It's sort of a banded/brimmed beret style. 

Then this... Aviator style with earflaps. I can't remember exactly what the yarn was but it's very soft.

And this one has an open top so that you can wear your hair in a pony tail and it hangs out the back!

I may have posted this one previously... It's a cupcake!

Another ear flap style but with a really long top that was knotted and braided ties from the ear flaps.

This one was fun. A spiral.

A simple rounded top bucket hat with a scalloped edge.

I think I may have posted this one before.

This one combines floppy, swirl and a ruffly edge. It turned out a bit larger than expected.

Flat hat with tassles on the corners.

I love this one! It's a spiral then I highlighted the spiral!

And we have had SNOW! I would be more than happy to have more but I'm grateful for what we got. This was our street.

So... I will try and do better. I have some more pictures of some other projects I've worked on and some WIPS. 

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